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Hotel Engineer



Job Description Primary Objective of Position : To maintain the hotel’s customer and heart of the house areas by following the standards of HP Hotels by performing preventative maintenance and repairs as necessary.Hotel Engineer Duties:  To procure 100% repeat guests by consistently providing excellent service, to exceed guest expectations. Maintains a positive relationship with all other company employees to foster and promote a cooperative working environment.

Maintains rooms in optimal operating condition by performing repairs as needed.

Understands the PM program.

Prepares preventative maintenance cart for use each day.

Repairs safes, lamps, televisions, and window treatments, etc.

Replaces or repairs damaged bathroom fixtures and executes general plumbing as needed.

Maintains overall appearance of the room; replaces broken mirrors, hangs fixtures, does touch-up painting, etc.

Repairs and maintains the room’s heating/ventilating/air conditioning systems.

Uses both power and hand tools regularly in a safe, efficient manner.

Performs preventative maintenance throughout other areas of the hotel as well, including both the front and heart of the house, interior and exterior.

Maintains the condition of hotel lobbies and restaurants.

Repairs furniture and decorations as necessary.

Repairs carpet, marble, and tile.

Repairs and maintains building systems as necessary.

Repairs/replaces wall treatments.

Maintains exterior of building and grounds as necessary.

Attends schools or seminars to remain current on proper techniques.

Ability to lift (75lbs) and move equipment as necessary manually or with a dolly. Must be able to bend, stoop, climb ladders, reach/stretch, walk, pull, etc. to accomplish tasks.

Maintains operating equipment in working condition by performing routine equipment checks and repairs.

Maintains and assists in the cleanliness of individual work areas.

Adheres to hotel policies and procedures.

Attends work on time as scheduled.

Follows hotel grooming and dress standards.

Minimizes safety hazards by following all safety rules and procedures.

Demonstrates a working knowledge of hotel safety and security procedures as required, to maintain a secure and safe environment for employees and guests.

Keep immediate supervisor promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters of significance that require corrective action.

Conduct and/or attend meetings as required.

Prepare reports as requested to develop an informative database for improved management decision-making and critical evaluation of work activities.

Perform all responsibilities in a professional, timely, and efficient manner, following established company policy and projecting a favorable image to achieve objectives, public recognition, and acceptance as the preferred hotel company.

Perform all other duties as requested or required to ensure the smooth operation of the entire hotel.

Essential functions include but are not limited to: repetitive walking, standing, stooping, lifting up to 75 lbs., bending, pushing, climb stairs and ladders, and reaching. The employee must be undeterred by heights, including rooftops. The employee can effectively and quickly respond to work directions and emergency directions. We administer pre-employment background checks.We Make A Meaningful Difference In TheLives Of Our Team Members , Who In TurnDeliver Memorable Customer Experiences AndProduce Exceptional Results For Our OwnersEOE


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