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Design Draftsman



Job Description PetraFab is looking for a draftsperson who can interpret laser measurements of cabinets and walls and draft shop drawings in two dimensions that reflect a 3 dimensional structure.

Petrafab is a stone fabricator serving the commercial construction market. Many of our projects require that we wrap a reception desk and transaction ledge on all sides with stone using mitered joints such that it appears to be a single block of stone. We create a drawing of the substrate with a laser measuring device and then have to create shop drawings of all the pieces of stone that result in a desk wrap that can be installed on an imperfect substrate while compensating for the imperfections. This task requires excellent critical thinking in three dimensions. Very good Auto-Cad skills are also required.

A background in creating commercial cabinet making shop drawings is highly desirable

A willingness to learn to field measure with the laser measuring equipment is a plus. This involves interacting with commercial job site supervisors and project managers. Good verbal communication are essential when describing what must be done to make our task possible

Company Description Commercial stone fabrication company serving the commercial construction industry in the Baltimore and Washington DC metro area


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